Night Terror

Startled awake, my eyes darting about trying to see something in the pitch blackness of my bedroom. Unsure as to what has awoken me I hear it moving outside the door. My body automatically tenses. I notice that I’m holding my breath as my ears become ever more aware of my surroundings.

As I struggle to make sense of what exactly is happening suddenly #Creak# A floorboard is squeaking in the hallway, closer now than before. whatever it is, it’s coming my way it’s coming for me. My heart is rocketing out of my chest now, cold sweat is running down my forehead as the horrors of what could possibly be outside, beyond the wooden door, starts to run riot in my mind. Surely if I run I could make it to the window, yeah I might break an ankle but the fall isn’t that far. Its worth it compared to the fate that lurks on the other side of the door.

Then it happens, my body now on full fight or flight mode as time slows down. Loud banging footsteps are echoing through the house they are getting faster, this thing, this beast is now running, running towards me. Then ……..the door handle starts to turn I jump up on the bed. Concerned as to why my dog is still asleep. Shouldn’t you be helping protect me in my time of need? With a rush of air, the door slams open. Frozen, my mind a blank I stand on the bed and look in horror as ………………………………… 3-year-old child runs into the bedroom. ………In my half waking stupor, it slipped my mind that we have 2 kids ….. Oh well, panic over.

Till next time!

Night Terror

I’m Still Here

Wow, it’s been a minute since I posted anything. Life has taken over and that has left very little time for writing anything. My short stories or novels or books, whatever they turn out to be, have all been put on hold too.

Been dabbling in the video game streaming world more recently. It’s odd but I do find it really enjoyable which I didn’t expect, not sure what I expected though

. Sure at the minute I’m streaming to 2 or 3 people at most but if you treat it like your being watched by thousands then as long as your having fun that’s all that really matters.

Speak soon

I’m Still Here


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Been a minute since I posted a wee blog update, so here is one to keep you tied over ’till the next proper one. I’m sitting on my lunch break snacking on some Nestle Smarties and writing a short story that is tentatively titled ‘er……help’.

It’s a sci-fi based story but set very much in modern day reality just with a few differences, our protagonist wakes to find…………………..actually nevermind you can read what happens our intrepid hero soon enough. If it took as long to read as it does write then I would beat Stephen King on book length. That’s always the worst part about writing for me. I type something, think about it, re-write it then read it again. I probably spend too long thinking if that last sentence sounds perfect rather than just getting on with it and keep going! Ahh, I just did it again! Some of you are probably thinking ‘You should have spent longer on everything, its all crap, but to those people, I say thanks for the views and I don’t mind if you hate-read as long as you keep coming back.

Ok back to it!


Looking back! A Tale about Collecting!


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Following on from a recent blog, Read About it Here! I’ve been having a wee think to myself about my ‘collection’. No the collection I’m referring to is not a bunch of nail clippings or bottles of my old urine, I’m keeping those, no my retro game collection. Sharing my home now with 2 small humans means space is at a premium and my hundreds of vintage video games have suddenly found out where they lye on the pecking order (not high). For me the hunt for the games, going to charity shops and car boot sales, was always better than the actual playing of the games I got.

In our previous home, I had a ‘Man Cave’ dedicated to old games and old systems, complete with posters on the wall, a Hifi, and collectibles of all types. Looking back it was probably the bedroom I wanted when I was a teenager with no cash. Rows and rows of video games, magazines from the Golden Era of my childhood, the early 90’s and 8 or 9 systems all hooked up to a Sony CRT. To have this at the time would have cost thousands not the mere pennies I paid a few years later.

Saturday mornings consisted of game hunting in the morning with my best friend, my dog, then a spot of lunch and home to sort through the pile of games I’d amassed.

Working out what to move and how to display my latest finds and then claim innocence to the wife ”What new games, oh no they have always been there”

Display them for who exactly was the question that had started to rattle about my head. It was only ever me in there, reminiscing about the good old days when all you had to worry about was what game you were getting for your birthday or Christmas.

It’s that period of time in our life that draws us to collect things from our past rather than the subject matter itself. Hours would pass me by in there, maybe playing the same handful of games over and over while thumbing through the mound of magazines or looking at the box art of the hundreds of games that sat on my shelves never to be played.

After my first son arrived, my interest in collecting seemed to take a big hit, partly down to the time spent searching for games was no longer there but mainly the desire had started to go too. Moving house gave me the chance to thin my collection out and anything that survived the move still hasn’t been unpacked. When small human no 2 popped into our lives, that really was the final nail in the game collection coffin.

I still enjoying gaming but the focus on the past, the focus on collecting has gone totally now. All the old games I want to play are no available on my gaming pc, no need any longer for the rows and rows of the dust collecting boxes. I’ll introduce them both to gaming at the right time but the collection is slowly getting sold off and the proceeds will go into an account for the kids. Give them a small start in life and help them with their future.


Looking back! A Tale about Collecting!

600 Words a Night!

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This is something of an accountability post. I’ve come to the conclusion that I should try to get at least 600 words down every night. Well, most of the nights throughout the week.

At least if I post this blog I kind of have to stick to it. 4/5 nights a week, if I can sit down for an hour or so and just write, I should make some progress. A lifelong goal of mine has always been to write a novel. If your average book has a page count nearing or above the 100k mark that should mean that in 167 witing days ( roughly) there might be a good base to start with. Or it could be total word vomit, let’s hope not though eh folks!

Of the short stories that I’ve started, there is one, in particular, I’m trying to develop first. Then if all goes to plan the other ones I have drafts of can progress a wee bit further on too.

Stephen King is a huge inspiration for me and one piece of advice he gave was:

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

That has stuck in my head and while reading books or listening to audiobooks during work has been great, pushing myself to do the 600 words per night will help a great deal as well I can only hope!

That’s 244 words done so far tonight!

600 Words a Night!


money pink coins pig

Writing, Video Games, Cars, Computers, etc etc the list goes on for quite literally a few more words. Sometimes the realization hits you like a wet towel across the face ” I have too many hobbies!”.

Something has got to give, time is precious these days. Maybe the best option would be to cut one or two of them out but where do you start? The first place is money, do you have enough money to follow all these hobbies?………………… well, that was easy, glad we sorted that out quickly. Stick to writing Rich, its free.

I love these wee chats we have together, till next time!