Man’s Best Friend!

Apart from my wife , my best friend is my little furry black and white dog. Maybe I’m getting soft in my old age but ‘Man’s Best Friend’ is truly the best description for her.

Mrs Lady (for privacy that’s not her real name – just her nickname………… I know……I know….sad) is just over 4 years old now and over that time she has taught me to be more compassionate, more caring, and strangely for a dog, taught me to be a better, more rounded human being.

With my baby due in only a few weeks now , Mrs Lady has prepared me for fatherhood in a way. I know a baby and a dog are 2 totally different things but I’m not scared to have something so small and fragile to take care of now as I would have been a mere 5 years ago.

When I set out to write a blog post tonight I never intended it to be a love letter to my pup, but when browsing Facebook I came across the story of ‘Chunky’ the poor wee chihuahua that was stolen from its loving home by 4 mindless sadistic evil teenagers.

Here is a link to an article about the incident

I wont go into all the details here as they are covered in the article. But as I sat down to write something tonight, one thought took over. How could anyone treat an innocent animal in such a cruel way.  My fatherly (is that a word?? I’ll run with it anyways) instincts kicked in, the anger inside me swole and I just wanted to find those responsible and make sure they paid for their actions.

Fining them and banning them from keeping animals for 5 years is a pathetic sentence for the horror they dealt to poor Chunky. For me in this situation an eye for an eye would be the punishment I would deal out to each and everyone of these 4 ‘humans’.

Ghandi said “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind” but in this modern world with more abhorrent acts like this taking place, we need more severe punishments.

‘It’s only a dog’ is not a fit response either – these idiots start abusing animals and next thing they start aiming for bigger animals then onto People!

Perhaps you’ll say  I’m being too idealistic and too locked in my European bubble, that this kind of thing happens the world over and never gets Headlines – I say to you, does that make it ok then – does that make it right that these ‘humans’ are ok to get away with a light punishment! for animal abuse?

As a father in waiting, it makes me wonder what kind of world will my child be growing up in? A world where violence and cruelty is common place? As a society we need to eradicate this behaviour and work together towards a better future, not only for ourselves but our children and grandchildren.

I know this is a very ranty (ok not sure about that one either….it’s late it will be fine) and some of you won’t agree but these are just the random thoughts of a random witer on the ‘net so relax, put on some reality TV and zone out!

Rant over – Regular service will be resumed shortly and by that I mean my usual nonsense!

Good Night







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Rich Gardiner is an aspiring writer based in Northern Ireland. This blog showcases his random thoughts on ...................anything and everything!

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