Trapped !

There I was, Stuck! No way of escape – Door inoperable – Window Bars blocking my only other escape route. The light coming in through the window was starting to fade fast. Looking out into the street outside, no one was around. It was eerily quiet now, the faint noise of cars off in the distance was my only companion. The dingy grey buildings outside that onced looked so mundane and ordinary now called to me , oh how I wished I could escape into them and away from this tomb I now found myself in.

How long would I be stuck here- was there anyone who could save me!’ Wait, my phone, how stupid am I, I’ll just ring someone for help. Nope, no bars and no WiFi signal! Damn you!!’

As more time passed, thoughts started to run through my head.’What time was it now? How long have I been imprisoned here! My first child will be born in a few weeks and I’ll never get to see him or her or my wife or my family ever again! Had someone purposely done this to me? Locked me in here with no hope for escape? What did they gain from doing this?’

‘No! That’s silly, focus man FOCUS!!’ Sitting on the floor mindlessly playing with the handle waiting for something, anything to happen, a thought came into my head as if put there by some outside source. I noticed that the handle lever turns and nothing happens! If I put pressure on the handle the main part of it that is screwed to the door moves. OK this could lead to my liberation.

I keep bending the handle left then right then up and down. ‘This is going to take forever, is anything even happening’, then suddenly snap. One of the screws in the corner had snapped! ‘YES Keep going’ I think with the hope of escape now looking like a faint possibility, I keep bending the handle.

Klang! Another screw broke, Maybe I would get out of here after all. I bent the handle away from the door now, then I noticed my salvation. The door bar that turns the mechanism was still in there. I stripped the handle down to its bare essentials so that all I had left was the lever. If i could manage to attach this on to the bar I could get out! I placed it onto the bar and gingerly turned it!

The door swung open, I took my chance and dashed outside, gasping for air I fell on the floor, free at last……….FREE AT LAST!!

Relieved to finally be out of that room, one thought danced about in my head!

‘How did I manage to lock myself in the work bathroom in the first place?!’



Published by Rich

Rich Gardiner is an aspiring writer based in Northern Ireland. This blog showcases his random thoughts on ...................anything and everything!

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