Love of Writing 

It’s been 8 months since I started this blog and about 3 weeks since I started a second one about a life long passion of mine, videogames. It was my secondary school English class where I first found my love of writing, short stories in particular were my bag baby (to steal an Austin Powers line). 

What is strange then is the fact that although I really enjoy writing, school was the last time I write on a frequent basis.  As soon as school had finished and I got a job, I got a car and started to drop away from the things I previously enjoyed. 

My love for writing was rekindled in 2014 when I had to write my wedding speech,which I had so much fun doing, and it was at the age of 33 this idea for a blog suddenly appeared in my thoughts one evening while I was sitting mindlessly watching TV with my wife. 

What to fill the blog was the next hurdle, would I have anything to say and more importantly would anyone actually read it? The more thought that went into the how’s and whys for the blog the more the idea that I should just start it and write what comes to my mind and if others find it funny or entertaining then fantastic. That’s basically where we are at now. 

Time is a major reason I don’t publish blogs more than I do, however as my writing is improving (self praise is no praise etc etc) the more time I will dedicate to it and who knows where it might lead. Sure if all that comes from these blogs is for family and friends to get to know me better then that’s a major achievement by itself. 

That’s where I leave you with this one though. If your interested in hearing me chat about games then have a look at my gaming blog, it’s called richongames ( and  while there is only a few articles on there at the minute, there will be more soon. 

With that, I’m away to think of more ideas for future installments. 


Published by Rich

Rich Gardiner is an aspiring writer based in Northern Ireland. This blog showcases his random thoughts on ...................anything and everything!

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