It started with one line. ‘Memory is a funny thing’, looking through some of my unfinished blog posts and this one in particular jumps out of the screen and grabs my attention.

Not because it it was an amazing insight into the human brain no, it caught my attention because I had started writing it, got one line completed, obviously thought to myself I’ll get that finished up shortly and promptly forgot it had existed.

One day I might finish it or maybe adapt it into another price of writing “wink wink” who knows?! 

Just before posting this I found another post with the start of a story I thought I had lost and reading it back I have no memory of writing it!?

Will that one ever see the light of day either?     I don’t know……..Now………..What was I going again……????????

Published by Rich

Rich Gardiner is an aspiring writer based in Northern Ireland. This blog showcases his random thoughts on ...................anything and everything!

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