Been a long time! I shouldn’t have left you……

…….. without a dope beat to step too! No more Timbaland lyrics for the rest of this post, that I promise!

Well, my last post was a fair wee time ago! Time has passed as it has a tendency to do and things have somewhat stayed the same. Well with one exception, we are having another baby in March. When Baby No1 came along I had all these great ideas of what Fatherhood would be, those went out the window quickly!

Time is the biggest thing we seemed to have lost when gaining a child. By the time I come home, get dinner and put the young-un to bed, I’m too exhausted to do anything else. Gym, writing, everything else has taken a back seat. Now don’t get me wrong its the best thing in the world being a Dad but it is a hell of a life change and one that I’m sure has hit many other Dads and Mums the same way.

Mrs G and I had started to think about a holiday or a breakaway but with Baby 2 on the horizon, we have shelved that idea for a while. The baby has always been on our minds but moving house and looking after baby 1, the upcoming arrival has always been a ” Oh yeah that’s right” kind of thought.

Now that its 2018 and I sit here on New Years Day, I can’t help but feel so excited for the madness to come in March. I’m prepared this time, and even though I don’t like the term new years resolution, I have a couple of let’s call them goals set out rather than resolutions.

  1. Look after my health better than I have been.
  2. Actually set aside time for the gym.
  3. WRITE MORE, even if its just a simple small piece. WRITE MORE
  4. Oh and all that family stuff blah blah!

Writing these posts or even stories I’m working on using my phone is just a pain in the backside so I have refurbed a laptop from a couple of broken old ones that Ill be taking with me everywhere for when the ideas for these rubbish posts or stories enter my mind. (I really could do with this being waterproof for the shower).

This may not be a masterpiece of literature but It has got me back on the wagon/ on the horse/ off the wagon??? I’m not sure which of those is correct so pick one to suit yourself.

See not another mention of Timbaland, well apart from this line.

See Ya



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Rich Gardiner is an aspiring writer based in Northern Ireland. This blog showcases his random thoughts on ...................anything and everything!

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