A Welcome Awakening!

Like most parents when my wife and I put our 2-year-old to bed it’s chill out time, or more realistically its tidy up the house time. Being away from the house all day at work means that during the week my time with my boy is very limited.

Between the time I get home and the time he goes to bed, we have maybe an hour and a half tops. That time includes dinner so your left maybe 45 mins to an hour to play and chat etc. This leads to me missing him more and more as the week goes on until the weekend arrives and we have plenty of time together as a family.

That makes the small moments we spend together during the week all that more special. It’s the 5 or 10 minute when he has woken during the night that we get to catch up and spend that all so important extra time together.

It can be difficult at time for working parents to feel like we bond enough with our kids, you can never spoil a child with love and affection. It’s important that they get to spend time with Mum and Dad as much as they can at such a young age.  Our children grow up so fast, we can be guilty at times of rushing about with our daily chores and busy lifestyles that we don’t stop, sit down and appreciate things in life that make it all worthwhile.

It’s these moments I’ll always treasure. It’s these moments when it’s just him and me, the house is calm & quiet and we can spend a few father and son moments together. The world outside just fades away and the only thing that matters at that moment is my child and me.

It’s during these early morning moments when he might have a story to tell me or he might run about for a bit or he may just want a cuddle. These moments are the ones I’m going to miss when he gets older.These snapshots of time I wish could be saved to replay over and over as he gets older.

They may last only a few minutes and they may be in the middle of the night, but its time spent together like this that brings us closer together and for that, I’m forever grateful.


Published by Rich

Rich Gardiner is an aspiring writer based in Northern Ireland. This blog showcases his random thoughts on ...................anything and everything!

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