Retro Goodness!!

mosaic alien on wall

I had always considered myself a retro gamer. You can usually find me in my spare time reading articles on old video games or watching the countless videos posted to youtube daily about the subject. Rarely however do I actually play older games. Sure there might be a night where I would sit at my computer, fire up Launchbox ( Launchbox is a front end for cataloging and showcasing the games you have on your computer that you can then launch them from here using the required emulator) and spend more time looking through the various games of all the numerous amounts of game systems.

Maybe I would play 5 – 10 minutes of one game before switching and playing something else. But this past week there has been a change, I have been off work for a week after a minor operation and to take my mind off the pain and discomfort that comes with surgery my companion at night time has been the Playstation 2 version of Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories. I have sunk so many hours into this wee gem this week that it has become my main form of entertainment. It helps that it is set in the glorious 1980s so all the music that plays in the game automatically improves it straight away.

2 Kids, a wife, and a dog in the house mean I have very little game time set aside and I would usually play something quick and easy to put down. Recently my go-to games have been mainly racing or fighting titles. It feels good to get my teeth sunk back into a branching single-player story again. The fact that it’s an older game that I initially missed out on is a bonus, how many other games have I missed in the past that are sitting there waiting to be enjoyed?

So does this show that my gaming habits are actually changing or will I revert to my old ways?

All I can say is at the minute the older stuff will be keeping my attention for a while longer yet but time will tell!


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