A series of fortunate events!

Recently a big change has happened in my life. A decision, an idea, that had been floating around in my mind for a long time. You just know when it’s your time to move on and for me, that time was well overdue. Having worked a the same place for the previous 12 years I had reached the age of 37 almost 38 and time for change was upon me. If I stayed where I was and it was still open then I could be 50 and have progressed nowhere in my life. At that age, it’s difficult to make the change then but I feel at 37 the opportunity is here for me now to better myself, provide a better life for myself and my family.

It nearly didn’t happen though I changed my mind at the last minute and decided I was going to stay where at my current job, I mean that’s just the fear of the unknown kicking in really isn’t it, the fear that where you are going you might not like it and the very basic fear that it’s outside your comfort zone, is that who I wanted to be really? The guy who just stays in his comfort zone all his life, just doing enough to almost get by? As it turns out no, it’s not who I am and to be honest, 4 weeks later I’m sitting here writing this happy with the choice I made.

Some people may say it’s only a job but with it being something you do every day for 9 hours it’s a large part of your life, my (now) previous place of employment changed me on a personal level. I found myself being very bitter and to be honest in general, not a nice person to be around, very judgmental and short-tempered, I know deep down that is not the person I am it was not the person I was before I joined.

After being away from there it is clear that it was not the person I actually am, I feel happier now, more content with who I am. Something else that played a big part in my life was gaining back a lot of the weight I had worked so hard to lose years ago.  I was using food as a coupling mechanism for the struggles I was experiencing that’s for sure.

My previous employment involved me delivering things in a van, which of course allowed me to stop into the local shop or if it was lunchtime call into any of the local fast food places. I don’t run to the shop or food cupboard 90% as much as I use too, the change of scenery has been a breath of fresh air, all my old habits are going away slowly as I don’t rely on them to get me through the day, I’m sitting here thinking about what needs to be done at work tomorrow with a new vigor in my attitude, a newfound passion for my work and hope for the future.

Published by Rich

Rich Gardiner is an aspiring writer based in Northern Ireland. This blog showcases his random thoughts on ...................anything and everything!

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