Personal Time

When you become a parent your life will change totally, and If you’re not a parent yet……oh boy you’re in for a shock! but in a good way don’t let me scare you!

You cease being yourself and you become Daddy (or Mummy) and that is the 1 that you will wear with pride for the rest of your life. There is a trap there though while your still the one looking after the small bundles of joy and then the big bundles of joy, you need to ensure you don’t lose track of yourself in between the feeds and the nappy changes.

I have a 2-year-old girl and a 4-year old boy and it’s now finally hitting me, I’ve lost myself in the madness.  my wife and I have been in a constant state of tiredness and it’s finally caught up to us, we have both put weight on as a result of ” I’m too tired to cook now let’s get a take away” Too many of these and you’re looking at a fairly large weight gain.

I’ve managed to get some time off from work recently and that has allowed us to sit down and assess a few things. We need to spend more time together as a couple even 2/3 times a month we are going to go on date nights, get the kids to bed get a babysitter and just spend some ‘us’ time together.

Another overlooked thing is ‘me’ time. when you just are by yourself no kids, no partner there, no piles of washing or dishes needing to do, just you. I used to spend 3/4 hours a week in the gym and it let me get a lot of anger out that I can now feel transferring into my day to day life and it’s a situation that I need to sort now before it becomes too big of a problem. Getting back to the gym will help in many ways, help me lose the weight I’ve gained, give me some well needed ‘me’ time and allow me to work out any frustrations and emotions that build up. My wife will work out what her ‘me’ time is this will allow us to work together better as a cohesive family unit.


Published by Rich

Rich Gardiner is an aspiring writer based in Northern Ireland. This blog showcases his random thoughts on ...................anything and everything!

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