Welcome to my Blog, Glad to have you along!


This blog was started a few years ago as I had always enjoyed writing when I was at school but never had anywhere for it to go. Over time I had moved away to other things mainly cars and as other interests took hold writing fell to the back of my priorities.

I’m a married dad of 2 amazing kids, a boy, and a girl and our wee dog Pebbles! When I’m not spending time with them, with my wife, or working I really enjoying old tech. Anything from old computers and consoles to anything electric. Often you can find me browsing through eBay looking for damaged or faulty systems that I repair and get back to their full glory.

I do have to admit to being somewhat of a nerd ( as my wife would call it) and I love anything Sci-Fi. Be it movies, tv shows, comics, books, games, if it has a Sci-Fi feel to it I’m am on board.

That’s me all wrapped up in a few paragraphs. If you like what you read on my blog then I have served my purpose.

Have a good one – Speak Soon!

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