At the ripe old age of 34, married with one amazing child, I feel that one of my main passions just doesn’t hold the same appeal for me anymore.

I’ve been playing video games all my life, from discovering the Atari 2600 that my sister had when I was maybe 6 or 7 right up until the latest systems that came out, I’ve been there following along. I even have a second blog dedicated to them –!

The problem (if you can call it that) is that whenever I have free time to spend on games, I’d rather sit and watch a movie or catch up with a TV show on Netflix. Youtube has made watching other people playing games more fun than playing some games as the content creators on there can be really funny and bring an extra dimension to the games themselves.

I’m lucky to have a wife that put up with my gaming so much so that she enjoyed watching me play and helped me by looking out for things on screen that I missed.

This feeling has been brewing for many years but since my son came into the world the desire has nearly all but faded away. I found myself buying games on release day spending a few hours with them and selling them again. My large retro collection is nearly on on eBay at the minute as I just don’t have the attachment to it I once had. The big appeal of the retro stuff I think is nostalgia and for me there isn’t enough of that to keep hanging on this collection.

My plan now is to sell off all my gaming stuff, which will be handy for one reason, we are moving house so it means I don’t have to cart it all with me to the new house. There will be new consoles in a couple of years time so perhaps then will be the time to dip my toe back in the gaming water, untill then I think the rest from gaming will do me good!


Fitness – Part 2 (The Revenge)

In one of my previous posts which you can conveniently find (Right Here!), I ramble on about not wanting to be a ‘Fat Dad’ and that ”It’s time for me to get my mind focused the way it was before, all those years ago, get my head down cut out the bad food and hit the gym more than once every 3-4 months.”

Well it’s been 9 months since that post and my son is now just over 6 months old, ‘How is that working out working out for you?’ I hear you all ask in unison! Not well, not well at all! The gym has had my patronage once, or maybe twice in that time. My clean eating has gotten a bit better with a few weeks here and there with no bad foods but I keep falling back into the same old trap so many dieters find themselves in, thinking that I’ll have something ‘bad’ now and start again tomorrow, or ok today is a write off I’ll start back fresh on Monday. It really is a viscous cycle that only I can break.

The problem, well I say problem it’s not really, is that all my spare time now there is one thing and one thing only that I want to do. NO! Not Eat!! Spending time with my boy is my number one priority and I don’t see that changing ever.

My only option is waiting till he goes to bed and then going, that is going to be my plan  now in these coming weeks because early mornings are not an option.Not an early riser me. It’s important not to loose sight of the reason behind all this, to be there for him for a long time and if I continue on this bad health path then who knows how long I will be here for him.

One final thought………………..Pizza is good for you, right?!

Stay Tuned for more failings, I mean updates.



Love of Writing 

It’s been 8 months since I started this blog and about 3 weeks since I started a second one about a life long passion of mine, videogames. It was my secondary school English class where I first found my love of writing, short stories in particular were my bag baby (to steal an Austin Powers line). 

What is strange then is the fact that although I really enjoy writing, school was the last time I write on a frequent basis.  As soon as school had finished and I got a job, I got a car and started to drop away from the things I previously enjoyed. 

My love for writing was rekindled in 2014 when I had to write my wedding speech,which I had so much fun doing, and it was at the age of 33 this idea for a blog suddenly appeared in my thoughts one evening while I was sitting mindlessly watching TV with my wife. 

What to fill the blog was the next hurdle, would I have anything to say and more importantly would anyone actually read it? The more thought that went into the how’s and whys for the blog the more the idea that I should just start it and write what comes to my mind and if others find it funny or entertaining then fantastic. That’s basically where we are at now. 

Time is a major reason I don’t publish blogs more than I do, however as my writing is improving (self praise is no praise etc etc) the more time I will dedicate to it and who knows where it might lead. Sure if all that comes from these blogs is for family and friends to get to know me better then that’s a major achievement by itself. 

That’s where I leave you with this one though. If your interested in hearing me chat about games then have a look at my gaming blog, it’s called richongames ( and  while there is only a few articles on there at the minute, there will be more soon. 

With that, I’m away to think of more ideas for future installments. 


The Event that changed everything!

5 months ago my whole life changed immeasurably. My spare time has now gone, no longer can I come home from work and mindlessly watch a film or play the Xbox, my every moment is occupied by the events of those 24 hours.

It was a cold but exciting January morning. There was light frost receding across the grass at the stupidly early hour I found myself walking towards my car. 45 minutes earlier as I lay in bed half awake half dreaming  my phone sprung to life. As odd as that would be on any other morning so early, it was the call I was anxiously expecting, with a slightly groggy head I answered and so began this…….. adventure?………yeah I guess we could call it that.

What unfolded on that memorable day will stay with me for the rest of my life. It occupies my every waking thought. For years I had a fear that it would be too much for me to deal with, could I really handle it. Could I handle all this grown up responsibility, me a man who still feels like a teenager in his head. Well I suppose most men still feel like a teenager. But no its been 120 days now, all those fears have subsided and been replaced with other more terrifying ones, but that’s for another day, another blog.

The car rumbles to life, my heart beating like never before. I have never been as nervous, scared and excited all at once like this before, well except for when Grand Theft Auto Vice City came out. Travelling along the road, only a handful of other cars about this morning, my mind kept wandering thinking about where those people were going, were they heading to work or maybe going to the shop for the papers, coming home from a big night before ? This massive day in my life and for them its just another mundane boring day.

I arrived at my destination, nervous and excited all at once. The car park was empty, I hadn’t seen it like this before. Normally there are hundreds of cars all vying for spaces. But there was a calmness in the air now, suddenly a wave of that same calmness washed over me. For months I had wondered how I would feel and now it all suddenly felt ‘right’.

In that moment a realisation occurred to me,’I’m ready for this’ and once again the excitement came rushing back except this time it was just the excitement, none of the worry or self doubt just the sheer bliss I felt knowing that in a few hours the past several months of concern and anguish would be over and that they would be it, and boy were they worth it!

I hurried along the corridor trying to remember how to get to the correct room. Gathering my thoughts and tempering my giddiness I asked the receptionist which way I should be going. Heading through an electronically controlled set of double doors I spotted it. Finally after all the years of thinking about this moment, through that door, past the curtain, in a few short hours, in this room I would actually meet the second love of my life.

I would meet my son, my baby boy Riley!

Name Change?

The name randomwriter001 is not what I wanted to call this blog. In fact I never had a name in mind for it. The writings of the wonderous Phantasmic Mc Jubilasso was almost the name( not really but can you imagine) . I am by no means a professional at this (ok ok shut up you couldnt have guessed i know) but I do take pride in my ramblings so I dont think that randomwriter title really suits me any longer as everyone on the internet can be anonymous, so perhaps maybe I should change the name. Should I use my own name or come up with something else. See that the problem Im not quite sure.

Do I come up with a persona and fake name like so many other bloggers and vloggers or keep it real ( Ai G in the house).

Guess Ill have to think this over a wee bit longer, any ways back to Batman Begins (yep still watching it from the last blog – I havnt been watching all day I’m typing this right after the last one – I’m not that crazy 🙂
Batman Away!!!!!!

Didn’t I have something to do???!!?!

Wow, its been a long time since my last post. But thats what having a baby will do to you.

Ok so I am supposed to be putting the washing away as I type this. But you know how it is, you go into the spare bedroom to sort the laundry and you think “Hmm, maybe I’ll put a flm on just to have some back ground noise.”I take a quick scan over the movies i have stored in here and see ‘Batman Begins’ on HDDVD  (always been a sucker for extinct tech, but that’s a story for another day.) An hour later and nothing has been done apart from Bruce Wayne getting his ass kicked. Now would be a good time to get on with the chores but another thought pops into my head ” You haven’t written anything in a while……….. maybe now’s the time to try out that cheapo bluetooth chinese keyboard you bought for something like $5 on ali express.

I’m full of great ideas today its just a pity none of them invove me actuallly doing something constructive. If the laundry gets any more piled up in here, i’ll end up like Scrooge McDduck from Duck Tales and i’ll be alble to swim about in my underwear and pairs of old jeans.

My brain is in one of those moods where it will constantly try to distract me from the one thng I should be doing. The worst thing you can do in this mighty battle of man vs brain is to give in to it and conceed that “Ill do it tomorrow, it will be fine’. Sadly as it nears the witching hour that’s exactly what I have done.

As the ever knowing almighty Forrest Gump once so eloquently put it ” I’m not a smart man”

You win this one brain, you win this one, I’ll get you back though, we all know what beer does to brain cells…………..muhahahahahahaha

Trapped !

There I was, Stuck! No way of escape – Door inoperable – Window Bars blocking my only other escape route. The light coming in through the window was starting to fade fast. Looking out into the street outside, no one was around. It was eerily quiet now, the faint noise of cars off in the distance was my only companion. The dingy grey buildings outside that onced looked so mundane and ordinary now called to me , oh how I wished I could escape into them and away from this tomb I now found myself in.

How long would I be stuck here- was there anyone who could save me!’ Wait, my phone, how stupid am I, I’ll just ring someone for help. Nope, no bars and no WiFi signal! Damn you!!’

As more time passed, thoughts started to run through my head.’What time was it now? How long have I been imprisoned here! My first child will be born in a few weeks and I’ll never get to see him or her or my wife or my family ever again! Had someone purposely done this to me? Locked me in here with no hope for escape? What did they gain from doing this?’

‘No! That’s silly, focus man FOCUS!!’ Sitting on the floor mindlessly playing with the handle waiting for something, anything to happen, a thought came into my head as if put there by some outside source. I noticed that the handle lever turns and nothing happens! If I put pressure on the handle the main part of it that is screwed to the door moves. OK this could lead to my liberation.

I keep bending the handle left then right then up and down. ‘This is going to take forever, is anything even happening’, then suddenly snap. One of the screws in the corner had snapped! ‘YES Keep going’ I think with the hope of escape now looking like a faint possibility, I keep bending the handle.

Klang! Another screw broke, Maybe I would get out of here after all. I bent the handle away from the door now, then I noticed my salvation. The door bar that turns the mechanism was still in there. I stripped the handle down to its bare essentials so that all I had left was the lever. If i could manage to attach this on to the bar I could get out! I placed it onto the bar and gingerly turned it!

The door swung open, I took my chance and dashed outside, gasping for air I fell on the floor, free at last……….FREE AT LAST!!

Relieved to finally be out of that room, one thought danced about in my head!

‘How did I manage to lock myself in the work bathroom in the first place?!’



Man’s Best Friend!

Apart from my wife , my best friend is my little furry black and white dog. Maybe I’m getting soft in my old age but ‘Man’s Best Friend’ is truly the best description for her.

Mrs Lady (for privacy that’s not her real name – just her nickname………… I know……I know….sad) is just over 4 years old now and over that time she has taught me to be more compassionate, more caring, and strangely for a dog, taught me to be a better, more rounded human being.

With my baby due in only a few weeks now , Mrs Lady has prepared me for fatherhood in a way. I know a baby and a dog are 2 totally different things but I’m not scared to have something so small and fragile to take care of now as I would have been a mere 5 years ago.

When I set out to write a blog post tonight I never intended it to be a love letter to my pup, but when browsing Facebook I came across the story of ‘Chunky’ the poor wee chihuahua that was stolen from its loving home by 4 mindless sadistic evil teenagers.

Here is a link to an article about the incident

I wont go into all the details here as they are covered in the article. But as I sat down to write something tonight, one thought took over. How could anyone treat an innocent animal in such a cruel way.  My fatherly (is that a word?? I’ll run with it anyways) instincts kicked in, the anger inside me swole and I just wanted to find those responsible and make sure they paid for their actions.

Fining them and banning them from keeping animals for 5 years is a pathetic sentence for the horror they dealt to poor Chunky. For me in this situation an eye for an eye would be the punishment I would deal out to each and everyone of these 4 ‘humans’.

Ghandi said “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind” but in this modern world with more abhorrent acts like this taking place, we need more severe punishments.

‘It’s only a dog’ is not a fit response either – these idiots start abusing animals and next thing they start aiming for bigger animals then onto People!

Perhaps you’ll say  I’m being too idealistic and too locked in my European bubble, that this kind of thing happens the world over and never gets Headlines – I say to you, does that make it ok then – does that make it right that these ‘humans’ are ok to get away with a light punishment! for animal abuse?

As a father in waiting, it makes me wonder what kind of world will my child be growing up in? A world where violence and cruelty is common place? As a society we need to eradicate this behaviour and work together towards a better future, not only for ourselves but our children and grandchildren.

I know this is a very ranty (ok not sure about that one either….it’s late it will be fine) and some of you won’t agree but these are just the random thoughts of a random witer on the ‘net so relax, put on some reality TV and zone out!

Rant over – Regular service will be resumed shortly and by that I mean my usual nonsense!

Good Night







Another Day in the Wasteland!

It’s been a few days since I escaped from that ‘Vault’. How can 200 years have passed while I was in that chamber – it seems crazy to me!

My son Shaun is out there somewhere, I’m sure of it. Who took him, why did they have to take my only child and murder the love of my life- my wife. What did we ever do to them to deserve such a fate.

Every house or ruin I come across I spend valuable time looting to find parts to upgrade my gun instead of actually looking for my son.

I keep getting ‘Missions’ from all these random strangers, why can’t I complete them quickly instead of seeing something else in the distance and getting distracted by a raider stronghold or some new faction tries to drag me into their issues.

The main question is why do I find myself loving this new existance so much! Shouldn’t I be looking for ……..something or someone??!? Anyways moving on!

Just the other day, I was wandering around just looking for a left arm  to uprgrade my power armour when I see a figure in the distance. At the side of a grave I see a raider kneeling down and then it hits me. The raiders I’ve been killing are actually people too. Here I am treating them like they are the ‘bad’ guys and this poor guy is paying his respects to his fallen collegue, his fallen friend.

Don’t get me wrong, I killed him and took all his caps, armour, and ammo but i did feel bad for a minute or so.

Right, better get back to it, I need a left arm for my T60 armour and I’m not going to find it sitting here typing at this terminal!


You know what………I love Fallout 4!





More like ‘Fittin dis whole pizza in my mouth’. Awful joke out of the way at the beginning! Pheww!

Eating healthy and having an ‘active lifestyle’ has always been something that I think about a lot, as well as being the main thing I have struggled with throughout my 33 years on this planet.

Like a lot of people, I’ve struggled with my weight. Several years ago I went from well over 18 stone to under 13. I maintained that weight for a year but being settled and happy in a new relationship you start to let things go.

When I was at my lightest weight ever at 12 stone 13lb, the words I repeated to myself over and over again were – I’ll never let myself get big again.

Turns out I’m something of a liar- Oh it’s ok to have a few biscuits with a cup of tea, this then turns into oh it’s ok to have that 4th bag of crisps with my second can of Pepsi at 11am. And before you know it you’re out of breath going up a flight of stairs and the thought of a parking space not right outside the local Tescos’ fills you with fear that you may have to ………….. walk a few feet!!

The new relationship I started as slim me got a wee bit more serious. I’m now married and have a baby due in a few months which is the reason for getting healthy and losing the excess weight is at the forefront of my mind now.

I don’t want to be a ‘fat dad’, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying being overweight will make me be a bad father. Not at all,  I want to be there for my kid for a long time, I want to be able to play with my child without being tired or unable to play for a long period of time.

‘Sure we can play football little Jonny, just give me 10 minutes to have asleep and I’ll be ready.’

(Note: Child will not be called Little Jonny, hmmm now that I think about it, maybe he will, god help her if she’s a girl though………….)

What really hit it home for me this year though is losing my Step-Father to a heart attack at the age of 70, due to many underlying health problems all coming from being overweight.

It’s time for me to get my mind focused the way it was before, all those years ago, get my head down cut out the bad food and hit the gym more than once every 3-4 months.

Can this potential ‘Fat Dad’ become an actual ‘Fit Dad’ ……………………..

Stay tuned!