Night Terror

Startled awake, my eyes darting about trying to see something in the pitch blackness of my bedroom. Unsure as to what has awoken me I hear it moving outside the door. My body automatically tenses. I notice that I’m holding my breath as my ears become ever more aware of my surroundings.

As I struggle to make sense of what exactly is happening suddenly #Creak# A floorboard is squeaking in the hallway, closer now than before. whatever it is, it’s coming my way it’s coming for me. My heart is rocketing out of my chest now, cold sweat is running down my forehead as the horrors of what could possibly be outside, beyond the wooden door, starts to run riot in my mind. Surely if I run I could make it to the window, yeah I might break an ankle but the fall isn’t that far. Its worth it compared to the fate that lurks on the other side of the door.

Then it happens, my body now on full fight or flight mode as time slows down. Loud banging footsteps are echoing through the house they are getting faster, this thing, this beast is now running, running towards me. Then ……..the door handle starts to turn I jump up on the bed. Concerned as to why my dog is still asleep. Shouldn’t you be helping protect me in my time of need? With a rush of air, the door slams open. Frozen, my mind a blank I stand on the bed and look in horror as ………………………………… 3-year-old child runs into the bedroom. ………In my half waking stupor, it slipped my mind that we have 2 kids ….. Oh well, panic over.

Till next time!

Published by Rich

Rich Gardiner is an aspiring writer based in Northern Ireland. This blog showcases his random thoughts on ...................anything and everything!

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